Design and construction of the largest set of polyurethane hydrocyclone clusters in Iran

Design and construction of the largest set of polyurethane hydrocyclone clusters in Iran

Consultation, design and construction of a complete set of hydrocyclone cluster including 6 pieces of polyurethane hydrocyclone size 250 (10 inches) for the first time in Iran by Sanae Polyurethane Garhamani.

Polyurethane hydrocyclone manufactured by Gharahmani Polyurethane Industries is used for separation applications in all mineral processes with a focus on water recovery and obtaining target particles with a defined size in the mining and steel industry. The features and advantages of polyurethane hydrocyclones are Excellent wear resistance, precise micron separation, fixed and immovable parts, small space required for installation, easy installation and simple operation, and convenient maintenance and repair can be mentioned.

Ghahrami Polyurethane Industries, by using expert consultants and expert staff and having experience in producing all types of polyurethane hydrocyclones and metal polyurethane liners in sizes 150, 250 and 350 for various areas of mine processing, including iron ore concentrate, has succeeded in The complete set of 6-piece hydrocyclone polyurethane cluster with size 250 (10 inches) has been designed and manufactured.

The hydrocyclones used in this cluster were designed and produced by the specialists of this group and are currently installed and operating in various areas of mineral processing, including iron ore, in Iran, and in one of the iron ore concentrate units of the relevant specialists. With the input D80 equal to 180 microns, they have succeeded in obtaining the output overflow with D80 equal to 38 microns, which indicates the excellent performance of this type of hydrocyclone in mineral processing.

The complete cluster set of 6 units with 250 size polyurethane hydrocyclones has been designed and manufactured for the first time in Iran by Ghahrani Polyurethane Industries, which is used in iron ore processing, which is due to the use of polyurethane hydrocyclones and Also, the number of these hydrocyclones in a cluster is unique and it was designed and built for the first time in Iran.

Considering the importance and necessity of using hydrocyclone in mineral processing lines and the advantages of polyurethane hydrocyclones compared to other hydrocyclones, this group announces its readiness to consult, design and manufacture all polyurethane and cluster hydrocyclones in various sizes and dimensions. takes

Relying on knowledge, experience and work conscience and the slogan of quality-design-consultation-national production, this collection makes all its efforts to produce quality goods and help to promote the industry of our beloved country, Iran.

Among the other products of Ghahrani Polyurethane Industries, we can mention the production of Serand Polyurethane nets for dewatering and granulation purposes from the mesh size of 100 microns and above.

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