Polyurethane hydrocyclone

Using dynamic energy, the hydrocyclone separates solids from liquids or liquids of different densities. The separation capacity depends on the diameter and volume mass of the particles, the volume mass and the viscosity of the liquid. The rotational movement of the liquid in the hydrocyclone causes the centripetal force to be applied to the fluid and particles. In this way, solid particles with larger mass and larger diameter are separated from the liquid. Polyurethane hydrocyclone manufactured by Gharahmani Polyurethane Industries is used for separation applications in all mineral processing with a focus on water recovery and obtaining target particles with a defined size in the mining industry.

Polyurethane hydrocyclone applications

Ideal for classification, dewatering and liquid and solid separation in:
  • Mineral concentrate
  • Iron ore
  • Coal
  • Sand silica
  • lead
  • Limestone
  • Oil sands
  • Dehydration
  • Soil washing and separation

Features and benefits of polyurethane hydrocyclones

  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Precise micron separation
  • It has fixed and immovable parts
  • Small space required for installation
  • Easy installation and simple operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • We produce polyurethane hydrocyclones according to customer requirements.
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