Polyurethane hydrocyclones

Polyurethane hydrocyclones

Cyclones are actually classifiers that perform dimensional classification of materials by rotating materials and creating centrifugal force. Cyclones are divided into two categories, air cyclones and hydrocyclones, whose mechanism and way of working are completely similar, and the only difference between them is that air cyclones work with the circular flow of air, and hydrocyclones work with the circular flow of water.

According to an old principle of engineering, devices with fewer moving parts are more economical and reliable. Hydrocyclones are one of the best manifestations of this principle. In the last half century, the use of hydrocyclone has increased day by day both in the metallurgical industry and in ore dressing.

Among the advantages of hydrocyclones over other classifiers are:

  • A) Its initial installation and operation costs, including piping and pumps and similar items, are low.
  • b) It does not occupy a lot of space and does not need a solid foundation.
  • c) It is possible to start and stop it without wasting time, while mechanical classifiers, when starting again, the load should be added gradually, otherwise, the paddles or auger may get stuck, causing problems. to do
  • d) Its cost is lower than mechanical classifiers.
  • e) It can be adjusted better than other classifiers and can better divide fine and coarse and light and heavy materials

Application of hydrocyclones

Hydrocyclones are used for the following purposes:

  • Separation of grains smaller than 250 microns.
  • Softening (removing clay particles below 10-15 microns).
  • As a filter aid.
  • Washing minerals such as shale or kaolin.
  • Factory effluent control.
  • Removal of chemicals from flotation concentrates.
  • Controlling the circulating load in the circuit of mills. (In other words, the product of ball mills enters the hydrocyclone after leaving the mill, and the finer than necessary product enters the flotation circuit from the overflow, but the coarse grain material enters the mill again from the bottom of the microhydrocyclone, which is called circulating load.)
  • Separation of drilling mud from sand particles in oil wells.
  • Separation of diamond particles from sand.
  • All polyurethane hydrocyclones

Among the advantages of all-polyurethane hydrocyclones, the following can be mentioned:

  • Increasing the efficiency of hydrocyclone separation
  • Extending useful life
  • Excellent resistance to wear, tear, fatigue stress, hydrostatic, chemicals and oil and solvents
  • noise reduction
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • proper weight
  • Ability to change in design and construction
  • It has good elasticity
  • Machining ability of components to change its dimensions.
  • All polyurethane hydrocyclones in Iran

In the country’s mining industry, metal hydrocyclones with rubber liners are mostly used, which have many disadvantages, including short life span. The use of polyurethane hydrocyclone in Iran has a history of many years, most of which have been related to imported parts that cause problems for consumption. The producer and industry of the country has followed.

Ghahrami Polyurethane Industries has designed and produced all kinds of polyurethane hydrocyclones, polyurethane liners, metal hydrocyclones and related equipments such as clusters by using the latest European raw materials and equipment and with the help of experienced staff and expert consultants. And now, as the only specialized manufacturer of all-polyurethane hydrocyclones, it is cooperating with mineral processing factories, including iron ore concentrate, coal, lead, silica, and micronized powders, and frees the country’s industry from importing foreign hydrocyclones. needs and by producing high-quality products similar to foreign brands at a much more reasonable price, it has satisfied its customers.

Garhami Polyurethane Industries announces its readiness to consult, design and produce all polyurethane parts, including the complete set of hydrocyclone and cluster and its related components such as Apex.

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