Serand polyurethane net

At Garhamani Polyurethane Industries, Serand nets are designed and produced by relying on knowledge, experience and expert staff for mining, extraction and steel industries, and these nets are considered a very suitable alternative to metal and rubber nets, and installation and maintenance are very easy. They are comfortable.

Polyurethane elastomer has the highest tear resistance. Nets made of these materials are more durable, reduce noise, and have self-cleaning properties, and due to the conical structure of the holes, the problem of clogging of the net holes has been solved.

Polyurethane nets are the best choice for extracting and processing mines, screening sand and sand, processing iron ore concentrate, silica, coal, lead and zinc, chromite and other minerals, and these nets have the same open area as metal nets and have a lifespan of approximately They have 5 times of metal nets.

توری سرند دانه بندی پلی یورتان

Polyurethane serand nets are a very good substitute for metal serand nets in granulation applications and have properties such as excellent resistance to wear, corrosion resistance, resistance to breakage due to vibration, correct separation of materials, very low noise and no clogging. The opening of the net has caused this type of net to be introduced as a complete screening.

Advantages of polyurethane granulation mesh:

  • Long and economic life due to excellent resistance to wear and tear
  • Ability to design and produce in various sizes and shapes
  • High strength due to the use of a metal frame
  • Special design for mineral and steel processing industr
کاربردهای توری سرند دانه بندی پلی یورتان

Applications of polyurethane granulation mesh:

  • Material factories
  • Extraction and processing of minerals
  • Sand
  • Food industry
  • Asphalt production
  • Iron ore
  • Coal and coke
  • Agriculture industry
  • Micronized powders

Polyurethane waterproof net

Serand polyurethane netting is a widely used type of polyurethane netting with a metal frame, which has high tensile strength, high tensile strength, tear resistance, and wear resistance, which makes these nets perform better and last longer than meshes. Have steel and alloy. Polyurethane drainage nets have very small apertures from 100 microns and above, which has increased the efficiency and precise performance in water extraction, and there is no problem of clogging the aperture in this type of nets.

Connection types of polyurethane nets:

  • Pin and sleeve
  • pin
  • bolt and nut
  • dummy (adapter)


  • Dewatering of minerals
  • Sand washing
  • Coal and coke
  • silica
  • Iron ore concentrate
  • lead and zinc
  • Other minerals

Polyurethane serend trommel net

This type of screen mesh is designed and produced for special applications, such as trommel screens after grinding, scrubber screens and recycling factories. Polyurethane trommel nets have a relatively small open area compared to metal nets, they have high performance and efficiency in separation and screening, and they have excellent wear resistance, and the vibration of the head does not cause them to break, and they are easily replaceable and very noisy. They are small and resistant to corrosion. Garhamani Polyurethane Industries is able to design and produce all kinds of polyurethane netting based on the consumer’s request.
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