Polyurethane slurry pump impeller and liner

We proudly manufacture slurry pump impellers and other pump parts made of polyurethane material, these impellers and liners have better performance than natural rubber impellers for conveying slurry.

The polyurethane parts of the slurry pump made by Ghahrani Polyurethane Industries are directly related to the slurry, this issue is very important for the service life of the slurry pumps. Urethane includes: pump impeller, front liner, rear liner, throttle bush, etc.

Features and benefits of polyurethane pump parts:

  • Wide range of hardness – Due to the high hardness, polyurethane parts still have good stretch and elasticity.
  • High wear resistance
  • High strength
  • Resistance to oil and solvents
  • Resistance to radiation
  • Good vibration absorption
  • Low temperature resistance
  • High acid and alkali resistance
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