Polyurethane pig

Today, polyurethane pigs are used in the pipelines of various industries for various operations such as line cleaning, pipe filling and liquid and gas disposal, pollution and condensate removal, leak detection, geometric corrosion inspection inside the pipe, and other cases.

Foam Pig

Polyurethane pig foam is a type of pipeline cleaner that is used for drying, cleaning and product removal operations in various industries such as: oil and gas, sewage, food and beverage, mining, chemical and petrochemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. take

Full polyurethane pig

Polyurethane pigs are more flexible and easier to use than foam pigs and are very efficient for moving and doing routine piggery tasks.

Polyurethane cleaning pig

Cleaning pigs have a longer and more useful life. They consist of a steel body with easily replaceable sealing components (cups and discs) and can be equipped with a variety of abrasives to remove deposits on the inner pipe wall.

Polyurethane pegs may be used for pipeline cleaning, metering, commissioning, dewatering, water testing and leak detection and inspection.

Pig spare parts

Pig spare parts, including cups and discs, all kinds of sandpaper and other accessories are available to customers.

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