Polyurethane Sheet and Rod

Polyurethane sheet, rod and tube is extremely abrasion resistant and can be custom cast in a wide range of sizes, shore hardness and colors.

Polyurethane sheet is popular for a wide range of industrial applications including linings, scrapers, gaskets and machined components.

Polyurethane rod is commonly used for a range of industrial applications including specialist seals, spacers and machined into components.

Polyurethane tube can also be manufactured and is commonly used for applications such as rollers, protective collars and machined components.

Polyurethane Sheet and Tube with very good chemical erode resistant, impregnate resistant, ozone resistant, radiation resistant, aging resistant, hydrolyze resistant. And high tear resistant, high impact resistant, high bend strength and low compression set etc.

The abrasion resistant is 5 multiple more than pure natural rubber, and the oil resistant is 3-5 multiple more than NBR rubber, and have high elasticity 65% with prominent compression resistant at high temperature. With broad hardness range on 15-98 Shore A, very good viscidity with metal material.

Apply to military, mine, oil field, chemical, printing, punch, paper making, Shoe making, spin, auto etc industrial.